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This article attempts to create a compilation of the most effective COVID-19 homeopathic drugs for the current Corona pandemic (for example: Bryonia, Arsen, Belladonna, Phosphor, Acidum Phosphoricum, China, Gelsenium, Eupatorium). This is intended to provide a pool of proven, well known

homeopathic remedies so that homeopaths worldwide can prescribe homeopathic remedies 

safely in the further spread of the corona virus.

 Historical aspects in the homeopathic treatment of Pandemia will be discussed. 

  1. Case Study of a homeopathic treatment of a Covid 19 / Corona Infection

The patient is 52 years old, a sportive and elegant top- manager, who was infected two or three weeks before by the sons-twins, which attended school and both of which were Corona positive (rapid test and PCR Test).

His wife is very concerned, so she is calling me as a doctor.  The symptoms of her husband are very severe, on the contrary her sons show only mild symptoms. The husband suffers of severe headache, vertigo, he is extremely tired and weak (following to the spontaneous report).

Asked more explicitly it was found out the following: Lost of smell and taste, amel. due to rest in bed and light covering.

Loss of taste and smell in Synthesis of Materia Medica (1): 

Mouth wanting, loss of taste u.a.: Belladonna (3rd grade); 

Nose wanting, loss of smell  u.a.: Belladonna (3rd grade)

Furthermore the specific modalities regarding Belladonna: Amel. In rest (high grade) is to be found in the Therapeutischen Taschenbuch of Bönninghausen (2) 

So, by giving Belladonna C1000 (Gudjons) improvement of the headache and of the vertigo. However, the patient is still very weak and shows a strong perspiration during night.

 He is thirsty, however not very irritable and he is not “ugly in behaviour” ( DD: Bryonia)

The dry cough persists, however without respiratory problems, in particular no dyspnoe and no increasing temperature. Evident improvement via resting.

Weakness severe, Perspiration strong in night we find in a high grade Synthesis Repertorium Homeopathicum (1) and amelioration via rest is to be found in the Therapeutischen Taschenbuch of Bönninghausen (2): Acidum phosphoricum. 

In relation with nocturnal perspiration, fatigue, somatic and intellectual and spiritual weakness the proper homoeopathic remedy is now: Acidum phosphoricum C1000 (Gudjons). Regarding this we will find also in the Materia Medica of Homeopathic Medicines Phatak (3) the following:

Better: warmth, short sleep

Respiratory: weak feeling in chest < by talking, coughing or sitting

Spasmodic tickling cough 

Under this treatment the patient shows a clear and visible improvement. The concern of his wife that her husband might have to be transferred in a hospital decreases.  

The spontaneous report of his wife via phone: “In fact it is getting better everyday.” However, she is still concerned, because her husband`s eyes are duplicating what he sees (diplopia) when the things are in longer distance from him or in in case of covering (occlusion) of one eye.  

Being asked the wife reports that her husband was slightly squinting in former times (strabismus). For the diplopie is occurring only in distance, I didn`t assume an affection of the brain- stam. However, I recommend a testing by a ophthalmologist via occlusion and in case of aggravation a cranial MRT.  However doing such a MRT would not affect the therapy.

My recommendation is again Belladonna, because in the Repertorium Homeopathicum Syntheticum- Synthesis (1) the following can be found: 

Vision, diplopie u.a.:                         Belladonna (2nd grade); 

Vision, diplopie, distant objects u.a.: Belladonna (first grade).

The double visions persist in a diminished way, and a kind of paralysation and a rest of vertigo. In the Materia Medica of Phatak (3) you can find the following regarding these symptoms: “Head: vertigo…. Eyes: diplopia…”, therefore I prescribe Gelsenium.

 The wife has only D12 (DHU) at her disposal , however the short term application and a potentiation done by herself the described double visions are totally vanishing after 4- 6 days. 

Remark: In case the patient would have been delivered into hospital the consequences like cranial- MR, punctation of the lumbal system /LP) isolation and the giving of cortison and anti- viral substances etc. perhaps would be fatal.    

  • Case Study of a homeopathic treatment of a COVID 19/Corona Infection

The patient is a 72 years old teacher, which suffers of diabetes mellitus and a fibromyalgia. She was infected with Covid 19 by her husband. This was proved by both a rapid test and a PCR test. Her husband is not severely affected by the illness, maybe the application of the remedy of Bryonia C30 with the leading following symptoms in the Materia Medica of Homeopathic Medicine Phatak (3) :

Mind: very irritable and ugly in behaviour

wants to be let alone.

Stomach: thirst, for large quantity of cold water 

Furthermore the following modalities: 

Better: pressure; lying on painful part, bandaging, quiet 

Back to our patient, which spontaneously reports the following:

“I feel very, very ill. Headache, the symptoms become worse via noise, light… everybody and everything gets on my nerves.”

Severe weakness.

After being asked more explicitly: “Fever 38,5 Celsius, weakness with paralyzation, I founder… only a few little steps with dizziness, involuntary urination a night, burning feeling in the bladder, vertigo and severe nightmares. “

Due to the cerebral symptoms and the modalities aggravation via motion, touch., noise, light and coldness following to the Therapeutisches Taschenbuch Bönninghausen (2) the giving of the homoeopathic remedy Belladonna C1000 (DHU). The nightmares persist, likewise the vertigo, the overall weakness and the perspiration at night. Due to the modalities aggravation via intellectual and physical effort and the improvement via warmth (2 nd grade), it follows the giving of the homoeopathic remedy Acidum phosphoricum C 1000 (DHU). 

Meanwhile (original statement) the behaviour of her husband and is “very, very ugly. She only wants to go wide away, however she can`t. She wants to go away with all her things….” 

Due to the mental suffering (see above) I prescribe spontaneously Ignacia D 2000 (DHU), success is reported. But now occurs an exanthem in the area in the thoracal region with pruritus and connected with anxiety and again feelings of weakness, which improve via warmth/heat. The skin eruptions are very itching and burning, dry and more thoracal with party milky crusts. What`s more: restlessness. Due to these modalities (Materia Medica of Homeopathic Medicine (3): amel. via warmth/ heat, and continued motion and rubbing I prescribed now as a homoeopathic remedy Rhus Toxicodendron C30 (Gudjons).   

Remark: These skin eruptions described above are typical of Corona infections. 

However the physical, intellectual and spiritual weakness persists. All together the patient is very concerned about the course of her disease. 

Now she craves for salty, acid and spicy food. Improvement via short naps. Weakness of memory, in particular of names. 

In the Repertorium Homeopathicum Syntheticum (1) we can find

Mind, anxiety, fear with u.a.:  Phos. (2nd grade)

Mind, memory weakness u.a.: Phos. ac. (3rd grade) Phos (3rd grade)

Generals, sleep after amel. u.a: Phos. ac. (3rd grade Phos (3rd grade)

Generals food, milk, agg. u.a.: Phosphor (2nd grade) and 

 Generals food, fish desire u.a.: Phosphor (1rst grade). 

Therefore amel.: via sleep, Phosphor high grade and in the Synthetic Repertorium (1) 


Generals food, milk, agg. u.a.: Phosphor (2nd grade) und 

Generals food, fish desire u.a.: Phosphor (1rst grade). 

Therefore I change my homeopathic remedy to Phosphor C 2000 (Gudjons).

Under this treatment occurs a great amelioration , therefore the patient cheerfully presents a Christmas present. 

Remark: The courses of disease within her own family differ evidently: Her husband is helped by giving the remedy of Broynia once, (C30), his wife`s course of disease is severe and it is needed the above recommended course of homoeopathic remedies.

 Furthermore I recommend in all cases of Corona infection supporting Vitamin D, Vitamin C, however not in the chemical way but in the so- called vital form (lat. Vita!!!) of grenadine juice and sallow thorn (Hippophae rhamnoides). Furthermore I recommend sun bathing and as a phytotherapeuticum Angocin (Firma Repha), a well known remedy made of nasturtium (lat. tropaeolum maius) and horse-radish (armoratia rusticana). 

  • Case Study of a homeopathic treatment of a Covid19/Corona Infection

The patient is a 57 year old teacher, which contacted me at the 16. 10. 2020 because of severe symptoms of “influenca”, amongst others neck- pain. Severe and overall weakness, following to the spontaneous report of the patient. Rapid test and PCR test are both positive. 

Being asked more explicitly she reports: “headache sore sensitive scalp, and marked-extraordinary fever, stages of chill, heat and sweat, well marked and periodical. Expression of face is ill, pale , lips are dry and shriveled and the tongue is thick, dirty ……”

Due to these clinical symptoms I looked up in the Materia Medica of Homeopathic Medicines  according Phatak (3) and there I find:

Mind: dislike to all mental and physical work. Head: bursting , throbbing pain, sore sensitive scalp. Face: Earthy, sickly, pale, lips dry, blackisch and shrivelled…Mouth: tongue thick dirty coated. Fever: Stages of chill, heat and sweat.

a and due to the modalities in Bönninghausen ́s Therapeutisches Taschenbuch (2): amel. via absolute rest: warmth, in room, periodicity.

 Therefore the homoepathic remedy China C 30 (Gudjons) is given. 

Under this treatment the patient is improving around 50%, but the headaches and the neck- pain persist even after 3 days. She is thirsty, nervous, easily upset and suffers of a dry, hard and painful cough. 

Due to these complaints – we can find in the Materia Medica of Homeopathic Medicines of Phatak (3): Mind very irritable and ugly in behaviour…Stomach thirst for large quantity of cold water…Respiratory cough dry, hard, very painful… hold chest when cough and the modalities of the Therapeutisches Taschenbuch of Bönninghausen (2): amel.: Better rest/ Silence and aggravation via movement  I prescribe the homoeopathic remedy of Bryonia (Gudjons) C30.

 Under this treatment restitutio at integrum in shortest time. 

  • Case Study of a homeopathic treatment of a COVID 19/ Corona Infection

Th next patient is a 45 years old man, which I treat (against my principle of only treating in persona) via phone, because he lives far away.

His mother is reporting the course of his disease in the following letter (expresses the original tone of the personal letter)

“Dear Dr. Hadulla,

first of all I would like to thank you cordially for the very friendly and intensive treatment of our son Alexander in regard of his COVID19 disease. Alexander was infected at a party 17.10.20 . His first symptoms did occur already on Monday the 19th 10: Heavy, dry cough and weariness. On Tuesday the 20.10. he additionally showed temperature of 38, 5 Celsius. 

Therefore I called you on Tuesday and asked for help. You prescribed Belladonna 10.000, ten Globuli diluted in water, and drinking this dilution in small amounts during the whole day. On Wednesday the 21. 10 Alexander still had a temperature e0f 37,2. The night, however, he spent surprisingly well. On the following day, again 37,4 temperature. The dry cough developed to an irritation- cough, therefore you recommended juice of Thyme. For he had a littly slime in his throat. What´s more, Alexander additionally took vitam. D 3 , C, and Zink, furthermore he ate absolutely healthy. The cough as well as the temperature were gone after 8 days. After 14 days of quarantane he was allowed to leave the house again. Meanwhile he is feeling very well again, and we are really very gratefull for this treatment. 

What`s more, his girlfriend (36 years old) was not infected by him, although they were together in the time of the quarantane. 

Many thanks, again you helped our family in a good way.


5.Case Study of a homeopathic treatment of a COVID19/Corona Infection

The patient is a sportive, slim, shining eyes, 45 years old pediatrician with the symptoms: “Pain of throat, in particular while swallowing, which become stronger over the time, severe weakness and fatigue…..” (Spontaneous report of the patient)

This patient is working as a pediatrician at a university hospital, the rapid Corona test was negative. The PCR test, however, which was made due to the persisting symptoms, was positive.

After being asked explicitly we got to know that he does not have any appetite at all, however a strong desire for cold drinks.  

No respiratory symptoms with the modality improvement after sleep…. He likes to sit in the darkness, but wishes sympathy and attention. 

We are going to find in the Materia Medica of Phatak (3): “Better sleep. Cold. Food, cold water, washing face with cold water, rubbing, magnetic. Sitting in dark.”

For these symptoms it follows the giving of the homoeopathic remedy of Phosphor C200 (Gudjons). According to this it developes an improvement of the appetite and an improvement of the weakness.  However, the headache is still remaining, and he feels quite cold and craves for warmth and the warms wraps, as well as hot drinks.

He is more thirsty, drinks only little but very often. 

In regard of this we find in the Materia Medica Phatak (3) 

“Hot; applications (dry); food; drinks; warm wraps; company amel.”

In this situation it follows the change to giving Arsen C 1000 (Gudjons). 

By this way Restitutio ad integrum in shortest time. 

  • Case Study of a homeopathic treatment of a COVID19/Corona Infection

The patient is 65 year old, tall and lean. He has something of a wracked philosopher, which shows up without an appointment and does not wear a proper mask in the practice. The practice was quite well attended and the patient shows already beginning influence/Corona symptoms. 

The Rapid test is positive immediately, as well as the following PCR test. 

The patient, which is under psychiatric treatment as well (alii loci), is in position of having a stock of homoeopathic remedies at home, and knows quite a bit in the Materia Medica, in particular in the high elevated, esoteric and spiritual atmosphere. The patient is sportive, but impresses through his “sulphuric“ phenotype: His hair stands on end. His clothes are scruffy, to express it carefully. He carries his book in a plastic bag. He can well express himself, even in homoeopathy, he is very literate and friendly.

As a baker he does his work diligently, reliably and totally involved in his duties. Everybody who works in the same bakery was infected by Corona, so that the bakery was closed in the meantime. 

I prescribe the homoeopathic remedy Belladonna C 1000 (DHU) due to the symptoms of increased temperature and the modalities improvement via total rest and darkness 

(mnestic/association to Belladonna: “The one who does not want to be touched nor disturbed”). 

Furthermore I recommend as a reserve- in case of increasement of weakness, sweating, heat and being cold in change (mnestic/ association to China): “The sensitive, nervous person who has intermittent fever and chill”) during the weekend China C30.

Furthermore as a reserve for the possible further course of illness in case of dry cough, great thirst and ugly behaviour (mnestic/association to Bryonia: “the ugly, thirsty person”) the homoeopathic remedy Bryonia C30, as well in case of increasing anxiety and restlessness the homoeopathic remedy Arsen C30 (mnestic/association to Arsen: “The nervous, malicious and suspicious person, who is always in agonizing fear.”)

After 2 days, after the weekend, the patient spontaneously reports the following: 

“I suffered of severe symptoms of chill and temperature, fear of death….. I thought my last hours has come.

China, Bryonia, Arsenicum album helped. Within a few hours these globuli were working in a good and proper way, I have had only mild symptoms. …. I wondered who fast it goes. …. Only rhinitis and light symptoms, as well as a red throat. “ 

This rapid change of the homoeopathic remedies is not what I have in mind when prescribing those. It reflects only the despair of the patient, whom I should have called even at the weekend at least via phone- but I didn`t. 

After the weekend, being asked more explicitly, he reports that he is still husky and full of slime, but without being able to cough up. The nose is obstructed, rhinitis, no discharge. When getting up he feels dizzy, he wants to lay down again, he craves for cold drinks, he has a headache without being confused, dazzed or apathic.  

W.A. Dewey reports in his “homoeopathy in the daily practice”, that during the great epidemy of 1918 (Spanish influenca) simple cases are being cured rapidly. Only the cases which are made more complicate via Aspirin showed much more severe courses of disease. This medical history reminds us of the situation in France, where the minister of health Olivier Veran prohibited the giving of Ibuprofen, because more severe courses of disease were observed under the giving of Ibuprofen (vgl  Le Monde 14 März 2020: La prise de medicaments antiinflammatoires “pourrait etre und facteur d`aggravation de l`infection.)

From now on it follows a change of the homoeopathic remedy: Phosphor C30 (DHU). This is so due to the modalities amel. via eating, sleeping and cold drinks, whereas the symptoms of rhinitis, Laryngitis etc. are pointing in this direction as well.  

After 48 hours he is complaining about dry and hard cough, mouth and tongue very dry, very thirsty and utmost irritable. Due to these symptoms it follows according to Materia Medica Phatak (3) now the  giving of the homoeopathic remedy of Bryonia (the patient has only D12 at his disposal, therefore my instruction 10-12 globuli to dissolve in water and drinking it over the day in small amounts. By this way a slow and continuous improvement (restitutio at integrum). 

7.Case Study of a homeopathic treatment of a COVID19/Corona Infection

The patient is 50 years old, sportive and lean businessman, who is going to become a topmanager. He looks like an Arsen, elegant type, who is working exactly, engaged and successful. His wife is calling me agitated, she spontaneously reports: “Temperature between 37, 5 and 38, 5 Celsius, severe headache, partly beginning neckwise and expanding in the front region…. Severe perspiration (in particular at night) as well as severe weakness.” 

After being asked more explicitly we get to know that he seeks for darkness and rest. He wants to be let alone, is feeling cold and in summary needs warmth. Amel. via resting and lying down, aggravation via movement and light.

Due to these symptoms (mnestic/association: “The one who does not want to be touched nor disturbed”) and the modalities amel. via resting and laying down in the Therapeutisches Taschenbuch of Bönninghausen (2) it follows immediately the giving of Belladonna C 1000

(Gudjons) dissolved. To support this treatment I always recommend Angocin (Repha), Vitamin C and D in the above described vital form of application.(see above) 

The wife is instructed to call at the next day. 

I prohibit the application of Aspirin and Ibuprofen, because these chemical drugs can decrease the bodily defence. ( see above) 

It follows the application of the homoeopathic remedy China C 1000 (Gudjons) due to the symptoms stages of chill, heat and sweat… well marked…. Chill, then thirst, then heat, then thirst. Accompanied by weakness…. Dislike to all mental and physical work (Materia Medica of Homeopathic Medicine Phatak (3). 

After 48 hours the wife calls again. The weakness has become better, however the headache remains and even stronger. The headaches are spontaneously described as the following: “More on the right side, extending to the frontal and the quality is more stitching, very severe.” 

After being asked more explicitly we find out : Dry cough at night and day, mouth and tongue dry, very thirsty, better by pressure and bandaging and being let alone. His wife says that her husband is very easily irritable, terrible and ugly in behaviour.

Due to these spontaneously reported and by questions being found symptoms, which can be directly found in the Materia Medica of homoeopathic medicine Phatak (3) 

Head- bursting, splitting or heavy crushing headache. Mind- very irritable and ugly in behaviour. Mouth- dry, tongue very dry. Stomach – thirts for large quantity of cold water, drinks hastily and eagerly. Respiratory- cough dry, hard, very painful, sharp, sharp stitches in chest. Due to the improvement via pressure and rest I prescribed immediately Bryonia C30 (Gudjons). Under this treatment ameleration and then restitutio in the shortest time. 

Summary of these pre- mentioned Covid 19/ Corona cases and their homeopathic treatment

To sum it up there occur very differing courses of disease: From light, nearly inapparent courses of disease to severe and nearly death threatening cases, which need an immediate hospitalization and even artificial/mechanical respiration. 

Even the long Covid 19 effects are unpredictable. 

According to my opinion as a practical doctor and homoeopath at the same time the homoeopathy is a very successful and more than a supportive addition to the so called academic medicine (4). This could the result of the consolidation of the vis vitalis or in other words of the bodily immune system. “Homoeopathy knows that a cure can only take place by the reaction of the vital force against the rightly chosen remedy that has been ingested, and that the cure will be certain and rapid in proportion to the strength with which the vital force still prevails in the patient.” (Samuel Hahnemann Organon of Medicine § 5.) 

This observation is really not new. There are many observation and experiences in the homoeopathic treatment of epidemia and even well documented cases in history. (5, 6,7)

A good overview you can find at our colleague Toni Rohrer from Graz (5)

To These observations and experiences we have to add something more, according to the demands of the wholeness and the totality of the symptoms: S. Hahnemann described this 150 years ago in the “Organon” (§§ 6, 7, 8 ,9,10, 11, 12):

§ 6: “For the physician, the disease consists only of the totality of the symptoms. 

 § 7: Whilst paying attention to these circumstances the physician needs only to remove the totality of the symptoms in order to cure the disease.

§ 8: If all the symptoms be eradicated, the disease is always cured internally also.

§ 9: During health a spiritual power (autocracy, vital force) animates the organism and keeps it in harmonious order.

§11. In disease, the vital force only is primarily morbidly deranged, and expresses its sufferings (the internal change) by abnormal sensations and functions of the organism. 

§12: By the disappearance of the totality of the symptoms by the cure, the affection of the vital force, that is to say, the whole internal and external morbid state is also removed. 

§17: The practitioner, therefore, only needs to take away the totality of the disease signs, and he has removed the entire disease.

 §18: The totality of the symptoms is the only indication, the only guide to the selection of a remedy. 

Although we have to select the right homoeopathic treatment according to the personality of the patient, some of the homoeopathic remedies are working for everybody in regard of Covid19/Corona in the sense of a genius epidemicus

In the case of Covid 19/ Corona there are a few prevailing and indicated homoeopathic remedies which stand in the first line. For example: Belladonna, Arsen, Phosphor, Bryonia, Acidum phosphoricum, Gelsemium, Eupatorium, China. 

I would like to repeat this important aspect: When we prescribe a homoeopathic treatment  we do not eliminate the virus on the direct way, that is we do not use the same strategy as the academic medicine, therefore we don`t compete with these also important medicine, but we want to highten the vital force (see above § 6,7,8,9,12 of the Organon).

In the above described cases it was sufficient only one homoeopathic remedie ( for example Bryonia), sometimes we needed two homoeopathic remedies (Phosophor and following Arsen) or even a follow- up and rapid change of the homoeopathic remedy,(for example Belladonna, Acidum phospohoricum, China, Arsen, Gelsenium, Eupatorium, Phosphor). 

These experiences of mine are equivalent to the experiences of a lot of my homoeopathic colleagues. For example the well known homoeopathic doctor from Tessin (Jens Wurster (8), and Dres. Gerstenhhöfer, A. and Jahn, S.  Müller, D and U. Keim from Germany. (5,6,7,8,9,10)

These observation are also in accordance with the international case studies:

Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis, Hong Kong Association of Homeopathy, J. Sherr Great Britain, M. Frass and G. Resch and M. Takacs Austria, J. Wurster and H. Malchow Svizzeria, L. Rutten Holland, A. Saine Canada, R. Galassi Italia, P. Herscu USA, R. Moonen Belgien.

All these reports underline unisono my above described experiences. 

However, according to my opinion the best overview regarding Covid 19/Corona we will find and recommend of my colleague and author Ulrike Keim (11) from Bonn, which I would like to recommend warmly.

To give a wider (holistic picture of the epidemic situation, I want to quote Prince Charles (12). In Sky news (news.sky.com.story/coronavirus-prince-charles-says-he-was-lucky-after-getting-covid-19-12000035) he said:

 “The more we erode the natural world, the more we destroy what`s called biodiversity , which is the immense diversity of life, plant life, tree life, everything else. Marine life. The more we expose ourselves to this kind of danger. We have had these other disasters with SARDS and Ebola and goodness knows what else, all of these things are related to the loss of biodiversity.”

In regard of alle this we can proudly declare: The Corona crisis is the very hour of Homoeopathy-, not only because there do not exist real alternatives. 

Although I have the greatest respect to the work of the medical doctors at the emergency units, which I know from my own experience working as aa doctor at such a unit.


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